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…And Then The Roof Came Off!

Big shout out to all the ardent members of the Brew Krew who showed up at the Half Moon, Herne Hill on Saturday night to make the show the maddest, sweatiest and full-on frenzied Boston Brew outing yet. The band were over the moon at returning to one of their favourite venues and the place where it all started last December. Special mention to the sublime styling of support act Joey Herzfeld and Mikey Freer with their unique banjo and accordian powered brand of plangency. And when the Brew hit the stage things really heated up and soon hit a peak that didn’t dip till the last chord sizzled outta Brother D’s mighty axe. The climatic stage invasion was something else, and who the hell was chewing Howlin’ H’s leg as he tried to belt out the closing number? All in all, a cracking night and a hell of a […]

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We’ve Got A Website and We’re Gonna Use It!

If you’re reading this it means you’ve found The Boston Brew’s new groovy super-boss website. Like, hi! This little patch of pixels couldn’t have come into existence without countless hours of swearing from the ridiculously talented Mr. Nicholas Ross, to whom effusive thanks and the title of Fan Numero Uno di Boston Brew are conferred. The hot shot Boston Brew Marketing team will be regularly updating these pages with everything you ever wanted to know about South Norwood’s noisiest purveyors of rock ‘n’ roll based entertainment, with gig news, audio and video clips and anything else we can think to throw on here. So bookmark the bugger and stop by regularly to get your fix of all that’s happening in the heady world of The Boston Brew!

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How The Good Rockin’ Began!

Founded on the principles of full-on honest rockin’ good times, THE BOSTON BREW came into being in late 2011 after Lord Ashman of Wade and Howlin’ H got together one Saturday night over a bottle of Glen’s – “The Exciting Vodka” – puchased from a local corner store to talk essence, existence and why getting up in front of a roomful of rowdy strangers and making a racket is a Good, Proper and Righteous Thing To Do. The evening was a strange one. Neither can recollect it fully. At some point – no one knows when – H was bitten by a dog of some kind as the pair wandered far and wide around the unforgiving wilds of their South Norwood home. Next day both emerged from a comatose state knowing they’d agreed on their mission – to create the finest darn pub band anywhere. Of course, this venture needed […]

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