Monthly Archives: October 2012

Drummer Ties Knot, Brew Fills Slot

He’s rightly renowned as the high-born skin-pounding backbone of South London’s #1 eight-legged rocking machine, but ‘ere too soon Lord Ashman of Wade will be swaying down the aisle in a strict 4/4 time and making with da matrimony. And joyous is the mood here at Les Château des Brews as our team of unpaid Work Experience interns slave long into the night making decorations for the Big Day out of crepe paper, shredded guitar picks and discarded bottles of Brother D’s finest claret… Naturally, the Brew cannot allow such a momentous occasion pass without it being an excuse for a majorly rockin’ shindig, and t9 that end the band and its devoted drunken posse will be descending on the WHITE LION (232 Streatham High Rd, SW16 1BB) on SATURDAY 3 NOVEMBER for a wild celebration of the aristocratic sticksman’s relinquishing of his singleton status. Or, as some would call […]

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Mad Brews-Crazed Fans Exposed!

These blurry snaps have emerged of the Boston Brew’s libidinous bacchanal at the Half Moon, Herne Hill, a few weeks ago. Maybe you can spot yourself among the writhing sweaty thong invading the stage after being driven wild by the Brew’s incendiary stylings. If you can, get in touch as Mainman Jan wants to say thanks to whoever was molesting him during that last encore. He never did get your number…

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