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Axe-Hero & Bag Reunited: Bliss In Brew-Land

Joy unconfined sweeps through Le Chateau Bru upon the news that the band’s esteemed Pictish picker, Brother D., has been reunited with his Brimmin’ Bag O’ Boogie. This mystic receptacle went AWOL following the Brew’s uproarious engagement at Streatham’s White Lion a couple of weeks back and, despite frantic efforts on the band’s part, appeared to have vanished into the ether from whence it came. This was bad news indeed, for this sacred vessel – or Transporticum Celticanus, to give it its legendary Latin name – had been given to Brother D. many years ago when he was living a hermit-like existence among the Order of Kossoffian Friars, an obscure Scottish brotherhood devoted to worship of the Holy Plectrum and dedicated to years of honing the art of dazzling six-string mastery. Only the most adept were deemed worthy of carrying the bag and ownership of same conferred awesome and mad […]

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Insane Party Posse Sweeps Into Streatham

All right. Some people haven’t slept yet. Others are semi-comatose in the strangest places. Others still have gone AWOL somewhere between Streatham and Brew HQ. No one’s in custody as far as we know. So we have to say Lord Ashman’s Stag last night was a spectacular success. The evening started with a bang – literally – as the band decided to kick off the evening with a few pyrotechnics bought from Lidl. Apart from one errant rocket that almost took out next door’s kitchen extension, the display was deemed a triumph. So off to the White Lion in Streatham for an evening of righteous rockin’, artful ecydisis (look it up) and reckless revelry (in that order). Sporting their finest Halloween Dead Threads for the occasion, the Boston Brew hit the stage early and ripped through their repertoire at a powerful pace, winning over the locals with their patented brand […]

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Prepare To See The Brew As You Never Saw Them Before!

With only hours to go until The Boston Brew rock it up at the White Lion in Streatham, the question on everyone’s lips is: where the bloody hell is Brother D? At time of typing, the Son of Hibernia is doubtless in his hermitic cave on a remote Hebridean island meditating as the spirit of great Blues axe heroes fills his dour Celtic soul, A helicopter has been despatched to ensure he makes the gig, with orders to gun down any over-excited Brew groupies that attempt to cling to the skids of his chopper on take-off. Meanwhile, what with it being Lord Ashman of Wade’s Stag Do and all, the rest of the band are preparing in their usual way, i.e. revving up in their South Norwood lair with vintage Animals LPs and plenty of liquid inspiration, Keeping in mind that the dress code is HALLOWEEN FREAKY, they’re preparing a […]

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