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Here’s To A Righteously Groovin’ 2013!

2012 bore witness to many awesome events….but for sheer thrills and excitement the rise of South Norwood’s premiere beat combo puts trivial occasions like the Olympics and the Jubilee to shame. Yes, for lovers of loud ‘n’ lairy South London-based blues-tinted rock ‘n’ roll, it truly was an anus mirabilis. And those newfound disciples of drink-friendly guitar-driven greatness will undoubtedly be asking themselves: what next for The Boston Brew in 2013? Well, now that the band are all back in the UK after His Lordship’s sojourn around all points south of the equator, time is ripe for the quartet to convene and plot their next steps towards complete global domination (or, at least, the parts of it below Balham anyway). New additions to the set are being primed as we speak and fresh live shows being lined up. Marketing and Promotions are being hosed down with cold water to rouse […]

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A Wedding Near Reading & Where The Brew Are Heading…

So…what’s happening in Brew-Land? is the plaintive cry arising from the hordes of dedicated disciples of down-home dirty rockin’. Well, truth is, the boys have been busy and plan on getting more busy ‘ere too long. First, though, let’s have a wrap on their final gig of 2012… Did we ever mention the Boston Brew are available for weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs? OK, not so sure on the latter two, but on the former they can sure attest to bringing a blast of fine frivolity to anyone’s nuptials after their sterling showcase at the wedding of Lord Ashman of Wade and his good Lady Henley last weekend. It was some weekend, trust us. Out in deepest Oxfordshire, in the bizarrely-named burgh of Bix, amid the tears, taffeta, truckloads of booze, more canapés than a garden party at Buck House and really weird shit, like Howlin’ H meeting Coronation Street’s […]

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