Monthly Archives: April 2013

Yes! The Beasts of Boogie are Back!

Sacrifices to Satan, angry letters to the Times, offers of certain “services”…Yes, fans of SE25’s fab foursome have been vehement in their demands for more hardcore rockin’ fulfilment. Well, you can all rest easy and stop sending Denzil those Polaroids*, as TONIGHT! The Boston Brew will be hitting the boards for one of their typical celebratory sets of full-power garage ‘n’ blues so wild even David Attenborough would think twice about getting too close. Where’s this carnival of orgiastic aural excess occurring? I hear you ask. The venue is the South Norwood Conservative Club, 10 South Norwood Hill, SE25 6AB. Despite being recently described in the Independent as “having seen better days”, the SNCC is actually a rather louche venue perfectly suited to the Brew’s blend of raunch ‘n’ roll. Tonight’s show is open to all and it’s FREE so don’t think you need to be a member or have any especial allegiance to attend. In fact, we’ve been […]

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