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The Effect of Rock on New Brew Members!

For any that doubt the SHEER ROCKIN’ FORCE that is The Boston Brew, just regard this picture, taken earlier today, of new Brew guitarist B-SIDE BARNEY STONE. Although accepted into the fellowship of the Brew, Barney erroneously allowed himself to contemplate the full untrammeled ROCKIN’ FORCE of the Brew without having had the relevant protective injection that shields the unwary from experiencing the ultimate brutal boogie for which the combo is righteously renowned. Fortunately, his exposure was minimal and resulted in only a brief stay in A&E. However, let his encounter be a warning! If you think you can handle the BOSTON BREW at maximum mayhem, then ensure you attend our next clinic at the White Lion, Streatham, on Saturday 15 June. Inoculations will be given. What happens after that is at YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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Say Hello To Strummin’ Mister Stone!

Following a brief hiatus, everyone connected with the The Boston Brew Organisation is delighted to announce the arrival of the band’s new guitar-wrangler, B-SIDE BARNEY STONE. Toting his trusty bitchin’ Gibson Les Paul, Mr. Stone has graciously agreed to fill the void and bring the raucous rockin’ machine back to its full compliment of eight legs. What do we know about the Brew’s next axe-man? Thus far, very little. A man of mystery, Mister Stone is reputed to live by night, where he travels about the city under the cloak of darkness. To what ends,no one knows… However, he has a most agreeable attitude towards slammin’ his strings and will prove a most formidable added ingredient to the Brew’s heady bop-broth… He, of course, replaces the now-departed Brother D. who leaves with the band’s best wishes and appreciation of his contribution to the Brew’s history to date. In keeping with […]

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Now Seeking Six-String Superstars!

The word is out – The Boston Brew has a vacancy for a suitably awesome six-string supremo to take over where the departed Brother D left off. Rockin’ fret-thrashers who feel themselves up to the task of propelling the powerhouse 60s garagepunk sound are advised to run – not walk – to and tell the chaps all about themselves. Guys, gals…The Brew don’t discriminate – they’re just looking for someone loves to get live ‘n’ loud same as them. There’s shows lined up and coming closer with each passing day. So don’t delay! And if by some freak of happenstance you don’t know the kind of tunes for which The Boston Brew are rightly renowned, then click over to this site’s Media Page and catch a selection of stonkin’ songs featured in the band’s set. Play along, abuse your amp and grind your guitar into the gutter! Sounds good? […]

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