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And, Verily, Did They Rock Like Beasts Possessed!

Our Man in the Mosh Pit, Denzil Del Rio, reports: With barely a month of practice under their belt, a new-look The Boston Brew took to the hallowed planking of Streatham’s White Lion last night on a mission to make musical mayhem, armed only with a clutch of top tunes, some suave stylings and a casual disregard for those with sensitive hearing. The audience, comprised of hardcore Brew Krew and unsuspecting locals, waited with bated breath to see whether South Norwood’s premier artisans of aural extravagance still warranted their hard-earned reputation for rightful raucousness… Some 40 sweat-drenched pulsating minutes later, the verdict was in…And, damn it, if the Brew haven’t amped up the intensity to even more exhilarating heights than ever. From the instant d├ębut axe-slinger B-Side Barney Stone chimed out the intro to Dirty Water, there was never any question that they won’t going to take it to the […]

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Hey Kids! What’s That (Crazy Freaky Rockin’) Sound?

A thrill is coursing through the streets, a sense of anticipation fuelled by pounding powerhouse beat, wild guitar stylings and declamatory vocalising issuing from various rehearsal rooms in the South Norwood/Penge area. It can only mean one thing…Yes, holy freakin’ crap folks, The Boston Brew are limbering up for a fresh assault on the pleasure-points of the populace. Those in the know have already sent out pathfinders to plot a route to the White Lion in Streatham next Saturday 15 June. The scouts have returned with news that the venue is mightily righteous and fully geared up to deliver a scintillating night of wild vibes and sweaty excitement. And of course you know full damn well The Boston Brew are going to be a large part of that. Denzil recommends you get there early, as there’s a top-notch lineup of louche live acts to savour. The night also sees the […]

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