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So Pissed Off We Can’t Even Think Up A Headline…

Like, wow…Who’d have thunk it? I mean, as righteously raucous as The Boston Brew undoubtedly are, with the capacity to blow roofs off venues everywhere, no one connected with this Organisation ever imagined they had it in them to inspire civil insurrection on a scale unseen since the Winter Palace got stormed back in 1917… But apparently some unknown Agent of Authority thought exactly that when they commanded the South Norwood Community Festival – that fertile breeding ground of revolutionary thought – be shut down early just as The Boston Brew were about to take the stage and bring down the curtain on what had been a hugely successful, well-attended and inspiring display of together-tude, SE25-stylee. Hugely successful against the odds, it needs to be added. What with the event’s alcohol license being withdrawn a mere 48 hours prior. Because – from what we’ve heard – the combination of 30 […]

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Fascinating Facts About The Boston Brew #2

Given the prospect of temperatures hitting a sizzling 30 degrees at Sunday’s SNCF shindig, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the Brewsters may well be sweating a touch more than usual. Given that ‘usual’ is about 12.5 quarts per set, expect record perspiration levels from the hardest-working combo in popular musical-based entertainment. Naturally, towel-based action can be anticipated to be upped a notch to staunch them rockin’ rivulets. With that in mind, let’s look at what kind of towel each BB band member favours for when mopping becomes a must… The Mainman Jan: As a committed Yorkshireman, Jan naturally views towels as “soft soothern ponce” accoutrements. If he needs to dry his bass-plunking digits, he’ll use nutty slack, thank you very much. Failing that, he will also use a small dog. Howlin’ H: Uses shabby rags he unearths from skips in dingy Soho alleyways. Some are said to have remained unwashed […]

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