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Calling all Bloodsucking Brothers & Freaky Exorsisters!

A very special message from the Reverend Moses J. Wytchfynder…. HEAR ME, BRETHREN! Soon will come the Night when the gruesome, gross and ungodly emerge from their VILE VAULTS OF THE UNDERWORLD! And, lo, they will walk amongst us, tempting us to Acts of Immorality with the CARNAL BEAT OF THEIR 60S GARAGE-ROCK INFUSED DEMONIC WAILINGS! After consulting ancient parchments, I have discovered where this ORGY OF UNBRIDLED BOOGIE shall occur! ‘Tis none other place than THE SHIP, 55 HIGH STREET, SOUTH NORWOOD, SE25! Events shall commence on FRIDAY 1st NOVEMBER at 8 pm, admission FREE to all that crave the PULSATING, MIND-WARPING ROCK ‘N’ RAUNCH of that notorious band of mayhem-mongers, THE BOSTON BREW! And I say unto you, brethren, that I, Reverend Moses J. Wytchfynder, shall not tolerate such LEWD AND LICENTIOUS BEHAVIOUR! By all that is holy I will enter that DOWN ‘N’ DIRTY DEN OF INIQUITY […]

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This Friday! The Groove’s Gonna Get You By The Ghoulies!

This Friday, dudes…it’s this Friday. With the streets now free of hyperactive kids on their annual Trick or Treating sugar overdose, us grown-ups can get down to the serious business of celebrating that most arcane of seasonal activities: HALLOWEEN. And, on Friday 1 November The Boston Brew invite all of ye to partake of a little hell-raising rock ‘n’ raunch as they hit the planks at THE SHIP, 55 HIGH STREET, SE25. Gonna be a Night of the Swingin’ Dead, for sure, as the chaps have a clutch of new toonage to set before y’all, plus a whole bunch of, frankly, somewhat disturbing and deranged ideas to inject that all-important unholy ambience to the proceedings. The exact details are under wraps, but expect anything from the dead returning to life, to onstage exorcisms, to zombie conga lines*. If you’re planning to come down, feel free to raid the dress-up box […]

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