Monthly Archives: November 2013

Souls Saved As Brew Bring Life To Dead!

Undead groovers bring sensational sounds and spiritual salvation to The Ship. Throngs of seekers after the torrid truths inherent in the Soul of Rock ‘n’ Roll flocked to The Ship last night as SE25-based disciplrs of delirium The Boston Brew unleashed a frenzy of raw and righteous big beat toonage at their Halloween Hootenanny. Fronted by the Right Evil Reverend Howlin’ H (Deceased) along with the Late Lord Ashman of Wade, B-Side Barney Tombstone and The Slain Man Jan, the ferocious foursome tore up the place in an orgy of sonic carnage that left the Brew Crew Faithful sweaty, sticky and baying for more. Contacted via a post-gig séance, the rotting rockers pronounced themselves “well pleased” with the evening’s events. Most gratifying were the impressive numbers of eager Brew Virgins who happily chose to be initiated into the Unholy Fraternity of the Brew Krew at the the Reverend’s hands (one […]

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Grisly Goings-On for Freaky Funsters!

  Preparations are still ongoing for tonight’s raucous revelry at THE SHIP, SE25. Your hosts Lee and Transylvania’s very own Adrian are pulling out all the stops for a night of horror and hedonism featuring the sounds of South Norwood’s freaky foursome THE BOSTON BREW. Expect insane party games, unexpected guests and a bottle of champagne for the evening’s best-dressed ghoul, zombie or other undead apparition. Remember, the fun’s all FREE and both dead and no-dead are invited. So come on down and let’s rock them bones till the cemetery shakes!

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