Monthly Archives: December 2013

Have a Wild New Year From The Boston Brew!

To all our loyal Brew Krew, old and new, everyone here at The Boston Brew Organisation wishes you a frenzied and mental 2014. Rest assured, your favourite insane rockin’ machine will be delivering further nights of hedonistic excess to thrill and delight you. Here’s hoping you all got what you needed out of 2013 and, if not, well, 13 is unlucky anyway, right? Means ’14 is bound to be better! Thanks to everyone came out and lost their minds for the red ‘n’ black reprobates during the year and here’s to doing it more, bigger and better next year! And if you need some top tunes to inject extra excitement into your Hogmanay hoedown, jump to our Media page, where we’ve uploaded three exclusive live tracks from the recent burnup at The Cherry Trees for your delectation. Turn them up VERY FUCKIN’ LOUD and contort yourselves to the primordal powerhouse […]

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Christmas Brew Intoxicates, Mind-Blowage Reported

All things considered, yep, they knocked the cock off that one! Yep, heartfelt hoots of appreciation going out to all you Brew Krew (Xmas Auxiliary Division) who rocked up to The Cherry Trees last weekend for The Boston Brew/Los Coños Yuletide Burn-Up. With folks coming in from as far as Littlehampton, Lewisham and Hungary, hopefully everyone that wanted to be there got there in time to catch the Brew’s full-tilt rip through their raunchsome repertoire. And if not, Denzil’s Christmas message is: read the bloody posters, why don’t you? Short and sweet, fast and frenzied, leave ’em flushed and frothing was the prime pre-gig mission statement. Overall consensus afterwards suggested this target was not only met, but wrestled savagely to the ground and given a good shoeing on the cobbles. Christ knows what put a rocket up the combo’s collective backsides, but having kicked off the set with a 200mph […]

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Festive Frenzy Reaches Fever Pitch!

  Well folks, LOS COÑOS say they’re ready…THE BOSTON BREW are about as ready as they’re ever gonna be…Question is, Ye Seekers After Sonic Salvation, are YOU ready? Next SATURDAY 14 DECEMBER @ THE CHERRY TREES, 32 STATION ROAD, LONDON SE25 5AG, beginning at 7.00PM, South Norwood’s two hottest combos collide in a pulsating pile-up of furiously frenetic punk ‘n’ roll that’ll have you bouncing and shaking more than Eric Pickles in an earthquake hotspot. Your fave rockin’ reprobates are set to kick events off at 8.00pm, with the raucous punk riffage of Los Conos to follow from just after 9.00 till you’re all reduced to quivering blobs of ecstatic ectoplasm all over the pub. That’s the plan anyhow and everyone’s invited to see in the season of rampant retail with us. Slip into your rockingest threads, your grooviest garb and be sure it’s those dancing shoes you got on […]

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