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The Boston Brew To Set ‘Pussycat’ On Fire!

… And before anyone starts on about animal cruelty, let us reiterate that the Pussycat in question is Streatham’s premier evening of scuzzy 60s-rocknroll-biased bacchanalia they call The Swingin’ White Pussycat A-Go-Go club, staged every bi-month at that veritable citadel of sordid groove, Streatham’s White Lion. Which is where, come Saturday 28 June, those crazed connoisseurs of cacaphony, The Boston Brew, will be making their long-overdue return to live performance after a lengthy lay-off caused by Lord Ashman of Wade’s frankly startling fecundity. But now the Big Daddy Deluxe will once again be back in his rightful place in the engine room of South London’s raunchiest garage-rock fixers as they set about the herculean task of bringing authentic excess back to a citizenry shamefully starved of such this past sixmonth. Mind you, they couldn’t have chosen a better venue to resurrect the rockin’ machine, as it’s known fact that few […]

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