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Land of a 1000 (Random) Dances

Raucous rockin’ and rowdy revelry was promised, and yet again The Boston Brew Organization delivered on its designated target with an evening of intoxicating entertainment perfectly tailored to its intended audience (i.e. the intoxicated, who were many and numerous). One thing of which you can always be assured at Streatham’s famed White Lion is a diverse and unconventional crowd and last night that particular point was rammed home with a vengeance. For evidence, see the live clip below for some spectacular random dance moves executed by The Brew’s appreciative and enthusiastic audience, some of whom may have reached the venue via unusual transportation methods – a Silver Machine, perchance? Denzil was especially taken with the artistic expression displayed at around 2:10 in… (Thanks to Steve Coppard for the flimming…let’s just hope no one’s boss sees it on Monday morning, eh?) Personally, Denzil blames those prime exponents of swearing-focused punkery The […]

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That Unstoppable Brew Train Rumbles On!

Nights like last Friday are the reason Denzil devotes so much time to the cause that is The Boston Brew. When you find shamelessly exploiting the unpaid interns here at Brew HQ a chore, or fielding calls from ‘promoters’ asking whether the band would be interested in playing a muddy field near Devizes unpaid to “save the aardvarks”, you just think back to the wild bacchanalia that swept through the William IV in the hitherto sleepy suburb of Elmers End last Friday and it all feels worthwhile… What can we say? ‘Twas a good ‘un and no mistake. Despite the last minute scheduling, the throng that descended on the venue was remarkable both in size and sheer rowdiness. So gratitude unbounded to all who made their presence felt, from the Brew Krew hardcore to the Stinkers to the ace faces on the SoNo scene to the group of Castleford fans […]

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Live Action Alert!

Brace yourself, South London! The next couple of weekends see a burst of Brew-based gigging action as your favourite garage rockin’ maniacs hit the road to inflict orgiastic aural intoxication upon various venues in the vicinity. Saturday 30 August sees them back at their home-from-home, The White Lion in Streatham, but before that there’s a last-minute addition to their itinerary as the band heads for pastures new and a Friday night slot at the William IV in Elmers End (116 Croydon Road, Elmers End, Beckenham BR3 4DF). The Brew hasn’t been in this part of town for a while, so hopefully there’ll be some new faces along with the Brew Krew Auxiliary helping them get the joint jumping. Check the link here for info on how to get there, but we’re told it’s a cinch to reach by train, tram or bus – “Sort of near the big Tesco” is […]

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