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Out of the Fire and Straight Into The Inferno!

Think of places on Earth so hot the human body barely functions and chances are Death Valley, Timbuktu or Australia’s Badlands come to mind. Not Orpington, Kent, in late October. Well, you’d be wrong, as last night The Boston Brew fearlessly faced up to the pitiless humidity of the venue hosting Sogfest™, an evening of shouty drink fun in celebration of that legendary lady’s erm-unh-hmh-mmmwwth birthday. Featuring a sensational set from hometown heroes the Anabollic Steroids, the night was ultimately throttled to a climax by SE25’s Syndicate of Sound in a heat even a Qatari World Cup organiser might deem a “tad toasty”. Sweaty didn’t even come close. But then, we all know The Brew aren’t much for holding back. And that wasn’t an option with the combo being powered by the Organisation’s latest signing, albeit only on loan, stand-in skin-spanker ‘Seriously Savage’Stix Martin, who graciously lent his impeccable punk […]

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Orpington Abuzz with pre-Brew Anticipation…

About exactly a week from the time Denzil sits here, busily multi-tasking (i.e. typing with one hand; scratching arse with the other), The Boston Brew Organisation, well-oiled machine that it is, will doubtlessly be lugging PA, assorted amps and other gear into The Maxwell in Orpington. (And does anyone have access to a van for the night? Please?). Of course, there’s a reason for all the heavy lifting, vile swearing and intoning “one-two” endlessly down a mic, which is that Saturday 25 October is marked down as a night of rowdy revelry in celebration of that most delicate of little flowers that we know as Sog (tho’ family, friends and law enforcement know her differently), legendary Stinker, Brew Krew stalwart, Bonce-Licker and all-round micro-sized terrorizer of countless South London watering holes and music venues. Contrary to some rumours, this show is open to all, so any Brewsters out Orpington way keen […]

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Bad Craziness in Surburban Beckenham…

Had an unsuspecting passerby passed the William IV in Elmers End last Saturday night, they may well have been minded to call 999, such was the heat and steam emanating from within said establishment. They’d likely have been deaf, though, not to have instantly recognised the sound of the Lord High Raunchsters themselves, The Boston Brew, exorcising apathy with another performance of pounding garage psychosis. For startling film evidence of how much steam the combo can produce, click here. A proper fun night it was, too, as all in attendance will attest. Well, most of them anyway – some may have better recall than others…especially the unscheduled guest artiste who put in an appearance towards the end of the first half. Talking of lovely ladies who can sing, the Brew took great pleasure in leading the venue in showering birthday wishes upon everyone’s favourite flame-tressed foxy frontwoman, Viv from Ruby […]

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