Monthly Archives: November 2014

Halloween Bash “50% Freakier” as Brew Bring It Back Home

Greetings gruesome Brewsters! Denzil del Rio here, filing a dispatch from Boston Brew HQ during a brief lull in the ongoing festivities celebrating our feverish frontman Howlin’ H achieving a major milestone in that whole ‘Being Alive’ business. The party started Friday and has all the looks of not ending until sometime next week, so it’s something of a relief that Denzil has this short window in which to round up the latest doings of The Boston Brew Organisation. There’s only one place to start and that’s the amazing evening of phantasmagorical fun ‘n’ frolics that was The Boston Brew’s Circus of Depravity, staged at South Norwood’s very own The Cherry Tree this Friday. Macabre makeup, grisly guises and demonic dancing were all on diabolic display – and that was just the audience. Seriously, this Halloween the Brew Krew kicked it up a gear for outrageous attire and freaky flamboyance. […]

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