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What Do The Brew Do At Xmas? (You Really Wanna Know..?)

Christmas, so Denzil is told, is a time for messages of cheer and glad tidings. So, leaving aside the not-particularly-seasonal card I got from the STD clinic, let me appraise ye Brewsters of what’s happening Yule-wise with your fave beat combo. Truth is: not a whole lot – to be honest, as they’ve mostly dispersed to various regions of the country. The Mainman Jan’s ‘oop north’ as they say, channeling his inner Tetley Bitterman in a yurt near Byram; Lord Ashman is, naturally, ‘wintering’ at the country pile with his kith and kin and enjoying the traditional Boxing Day pursuit of ‘serf-mulching‘ in the Cotswolds; B-Side Barney Stone has found new wrongs to right and is presently defending the helpless inhabitants of B-Proxima 9 against the evil ravages of the Dark Lord Snuurt, while – depending on witness reliability – Howlin’ H is either (a) acting suspiciously in the Shinzuka […]

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