Monthly Archives: January 2015

Nunhead Digs Its First Dose of Brew!

Got to admit no one knew what to expect as the Jag full of Brew purred into Nunhead last night for the year’s first gig at Skehans. A new venue, new crowd and a part of town as yet unexposed to the combo’s trademark pounding ramalama raunch. Plus it’s barely a week into January, traditionally the Dead Zone of live entertainment. Under the circumstances, perhaps best not to expect too much, right? Wrong. Seems a shot of The Brew was exactly what Nunhead needed and the overwhelming impression Denzil took away was they’d very much like more of that, please. Ably assisted by their long-time oppos, those two-tone toe-tappin’ tunesters The DB5s, Skehans experienced an evening of unprecedented intensity. Any post-festive fug was well and truly blown away by ceiling shaking set from a full-throttle Boston Brew that filled the venue with the joyous delirium that only maximum rock ‘n’ […]

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