Monthly Archives: April 2015

Brew Bring Back The Badass Bop!

Sure, things have been kinda quiet in the World of South Norwood’s Premier Garage-Punk Fixers. What can we say? All kinds of “business” has been in need of being attended to – heavy business, involving continental forays, sojourns in dark and desolate realms (Yorkshire) and mysterious rituals conducted at dusk on remote coastal littorals involving chanting and imbibation of copious amounts of supermarket own-brand vodka. In short, the combo have been Thinking Deeply About Shit – something that any self-respecting manager (viz. your correspondent Denzil) needs to regard with the utmost suspicion. Can’t have bands getting into this “thinking” stuff. That only leads to “ideas” – a concept that musicians really shouldn’t be trusted with. Ideas turn decent hard-rockin’ units into pretentious tosswads who think that triple-album opus centred on the oneric existentialist crisis of their latest hangover represents the ultimate pinnacle of artistic achievement. As a manager, this is […]

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