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Wild Gyrations Witnessed Down The Junction!

Well, that was a buncha fun and no mistake. Mighty props to all the Brew Krew, Members of the Bongregation and Nasty Nite People that piled into The Cherry Trees at Norwood Junction last Saturday night to catch an evening’s aural extravaganza courtesy of your favourite ferocious foursome who set the dials to eleven and let that sucker rip for two hours of sweat-inducing guitar-driven savagery! Special word of thanks to Dave ‘Ye Hammer’ Paton for coming to the rescue when Jordan The Revelator’s bass amp decided to go ka-blooey about five tunes in. Thanks also to garage rock legend Mike ‘Cannibal’ Spenser for jumping up to join the guys for a roistering rendition of Gloria. While we’re mentioning it, don’t miss The Cannibals Last Stand farewell bash on 30 September at the Dublin Castle, Camden. Pop along, you may catch a Brew or two lurking drunkenly amid the throng… […]

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All Cranked Up For Saturday Night!

Hearken ye! Hearken ye, all Brew Krew, all members of the ‘Bongregation’ and allied associates of the Night People. It’s close now, real close, and SATURDAY 19 AUGUST @THE CHERRY TREES SOUTH NORWOOD SE25 it’s damn well gonna happen. That’s right – those Torrid Troubadours, those Meisters of Mayhem, those Grandees of Garage-Stomp… THE BOSTON BREW make a long-awaited return to the sticky carpets of South Norwood’s premier venue. The fun ‘n’ frolics start from around 830pm, so don’t be late. Expect orgiastic aural excitement and riffs to hang your hat on as your fave foursome let loose with an evening of rockin’ raucousness to remember! And in case you’re not aware, check out TRASH CAN RADIO on DAB, online and all manner of devices where, among classic cuts of rocknroll gloriousness, you may catch the Brew’s promo currently airing. If you’ve not heard it yet, it should be playing […]

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