The Boston Brew’s Big Bonfire Nite Banger!

Rejoice ye sinners! Prepare to step into your funtime finery, strap on your struttin’ shoes and make ready to cavort like mad-assed crazies as the original cranium-blasting quartet roll back into town for another night of aural insanity early this November.

Having raised the roof with their garage-rock Gesamtkunstwerk* in September, the good people of THE CHERRY TREES, SOUTH NORWOOD have decided they simply can’t get enough of the Brew’s brand of outright aural excess and have opted for another evening of hyper-tastic hard fast rock ‘n’ roll as practiced by South London’s premier exponents of 60s primal stomp. SATURDAY 4 NOVEMBER is the selected date, so pencil it into your planner and ensure all other plans are cancelled ‘cause this will be a night not to be missed!

Following their triumphant turn at the Bedford in Balham a few weeks back, the band themselves are hard at work honing their art in a secret rural retreat and claim to have a bunch of spanking shiny new numbers they’re eager to unleash upon an unsuspecting mass of humanity in a few weeks’ time. Meanwhile, reports have it that the Bedford show might soon be appearing as a DVD release, but details are so far sketchy, so we’ll keep you posted on that.

Meantime, keep Saturday 4 November, all Brew Krew, Bongregation and affiliate badasses. You thought the last show was something? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

* From the German, meaning “all-embracing art form” or “total artwork”, or a “right rockin’ noise that takes the top of your head off and leaves you listing slightly to the left”.

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