Crazed To Crank Up SE25 This Saturday Night!

Word is there’s special trains scheduled for SATURDAY 4 NOVEMBER, ready to ferry hordes of frenzied funseekers down to THE CHERRY TREES, SOUTH NORWOOD SE25 where THE BOSTON BREW will be reverberating the rafters with a sizzling set of sordid 60s garage-rock stompers that’ll sear the soul and set your extremities a-go-go!

Of course, that’s if Southern hasn’t decided to cut the service to Norwood Junction this weekend, as is its wont. We can but hope and pray as Saturday’s Post-Halloween Pre-Bonfire Night Groovy-Tastic Party A-Go-Go promises to be a barnstormer of a boogiefest with your numero uno chaotic combo prepped to deliver a doozie of a show full of that trademark musical madness you guys find so darned irresistible.

So drop what you’re doing. Say Sod Off to Strictly. Nuts to Netflix. The Wedding Can Wait. So what if My Leg Fell Off?? Hop, jump and stagger down to 32 Station Road, South Norwood SE25 6PR (Right outside Norwood Junction Southern/Overground, 75/157/312/410 bus) from 7pm onwards, to drink, dance and degenerate with the full-blown fury of The Brew. If you got something better to do, we just don’t wanna hear about it!!

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