Festive Frenzy Reaches Fever Pitch!


Well folks, LOS COÑOS say they’re ready…THE BOSTON BREW are about as ready as they’re ever gonna be…Question is, Ye Seekers After Sonic Salvation, are YOU ready?

Next SATURDAY 14 DECEMBER @ THE CHERRY TREES, 32 STATION ROAD, LONDON SE25 5AG, beginning at 7.00PM, South Norwood’s two hottest combos collide in a pulsating pile-up of furiously frenetic punk ‘n’ roll that’ll have you bouncing and shaking more than Eric Pickles in an earthquake hotspot.

Your fave rockin’ reprobates are set to kick events off at 8.00pm, with the raucous punk riffage of Los Conos to follow from just after 9.00 till you’re all reduced to quivering blobs of ecstatic ectoplasm all over the pub. That’s the plan anyhow and everyone’s invited to see in the season of rampant retail with us. Slip into your rockingest threads, your grooviest garb and be sure it’s those dancing shoes you got on your feet. ‘Cause we mean to raise a ruckus that’ll drive delirium levels to new levels of mind-blowing madness! Why? Because we’re bloody nice like that, that’s why…

For anyone travelling from out of town, just jump a Southern or Overground train and get off at Norwood Junction. The Cherries is slap in your face when you walk out the front. Look for the building with steam coming out. Adventurous types keen to get to know South London’s more interesting denizens can bus it on the 75, 157, 312, 130 or 410. Hop off at the Clock Tower – if your newfound friends will let you.

All set? Good. See you down the front, as per usual. And don’t miss this one, Brew Krew loyalists, as it could be the last chance to catch the combo in live action for a while. Extra-musical commitments will likely impact on show schedules for a few months next year. Bot worry not, plans for a righteously rockin’ return are already being made…

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