Get Ready for a Rock ‘n’ Roll Ragnarok!


Blimey. Somewhat substantial has been the aghast outpourings of many a despondent denizen in response to the news that The Boston Brew are to call time on their chaotic career as South London’s primo purveyors of their singular loud ‘n’ lairy garage-rock Gesamtkunstwerk*. And in our own inebriated way everyone connected to The Boston Brew Organisation has been deeply touched by the messages of appreciation received from near and far. Fair made us all wobbly, it did…

Anyway, with the finishing post in sight for this particular combination of The Boston Brew, the one thing remaining is to ensure it receives a suitably raucous send-off. To that end, we’re hoping that anyone and everyone that’s capable of making it aim their bad selves at THE CHERRY TREES, STATION ROAD, SOUTH NORWOOD SE25 next SATURDAY 30 MAY where, from around 8.30pm onwards, your fave frenzied foursome will be everything in their power to deliver a blinding bunch of tunes that’ll leave your innards a-go-go and your feet throbbing. Hey. it’s what they do.

Meanwhile, there’s rumours doing the rounds of South London watering holes of dubious repute to the effect that, while this lineup might be headed for the exit, the future for The Brew may not be as bleak as it currently seems. Let’s just say, wheels are in motion in certain quarters to effect a return of rock ‘n’ raunch at some not too distant point from right now. Nothing concrete, nothing guaranteed – just saying, there’s parties interested in moving things on (and not just those that might be in hock to certain Balkan businessmen of menacing aspect).

*From the German artistic phrase translated as “to rock like a mofo until everyone in the house goes certifiably insane”
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