Let’s Wreck ’em In Streatham!

Attention, rockin’ personages and connoisseurs of chaos! Word on the street has it that those Legends of Loucheness, The Boston Brew, are ready to return to what they do best – namely, tearing up South London’s more salubrious venues with their unbeatable brand of garage-rock grooviness. On Saturday 22 September, they make their long-awaited (by someone, probably) return to Streatham. The Rebel Inn, 78A Streatham High Road SW16 1BS, is the venue, where they’ll be sharing a stage with top 60s-inflected foot-tappers The DB5s.

Make this a night to remember by being there. Doors are 7pm-ish and admission is free to this lively little gig-porium just down the hill from Streatham Hill station. The band promise to be their regular rowdy and ramshackle selves, which ought to make for fun and frenetic highspot of any weekend Sarf of the River. Bring your friends! Bring your bad selfs and tune in, turn on and pass out!

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