On Life Being a Bowl of Cherries and That…

Big shout out to all ye seekers of sonic salvation who braved the torrents descending on Croydon last night. Fortunately, any gloom was quickly lifted by the Brew opening the evening with 45 minutes of riffalicious rocknroll that soon had the Scream Lounge walls reverberating and a nice pall of sweaty palpitation arising from a rowdy crowd.

Great to see a blend of old friends and new faces turning up and joining in the fun. And here’s hoping we can all do it again real soon as The Boston Brew host their next show at THE CHERRY TREE, SOUTH NORWOOD on SATURDAY 19 AUGUST. If you’ve caught ’em here before you’ll know this is a venue the combo loves playing, so get on down and enjoy an evening of exquisite aural excess from the masters of 60s garage rock mayhem. Not sure what time things get going yet, but best get there early and fuel up for the frolics to follow.

More to come on this one, so keep checking back at thebostonbrew.com and find out if Howlin’ H’s knee has recovered from that particularly tricksy move he tried bustin’ last night…

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