March Madness in New Cross!

Things are getting majorly busy next month, and the news you nogoodniks need to know right away is that there’s a helluva shindig going down at the New Cross Inn on Saturday 7 March and your fave foursome are set to be a part of the pablum. If you groovers ain’t acquainted with the mighty rockin’ revelation that is King Salami & The Cumberland 3 by now, then rent your garments in shame, sister.

And resolve to right that wrong by bringing your bippy to this show next month, where not only will you catch The Boston Brew kicking off the kerfuffle in their usual sublime style, but can also catch a plethora of powerhouse combos letting loose with punchy rock ‘n’ roll craziness, including garage rockers Atomic Suplex, French rockers The Sharpers and wild duo GOGO LOCO. All in all, it’s a wild whirlwind of danceable derangement and not to be missed by anyone with beat in their feet and rock ‘n’ roll in their soul.

We recommend you ship up early to catch The Brew, ‘cause at time of writing they’ll be getting the night aflame at 645pm. In fact, we’d advise you to get your tix upfront for a measly fiver as there’s every chance this one will sell out. It’s seven squid on the door on the night, but you might be taking a chance, dig? This one’s going to be sensational, and defo the best show in town so far this year, so engage ass and stick it in your diary so there’s no doubt. Cancel all plans and ensure your attendance – you won’t regret this one!

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