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Pumping it out hard ‘n’ heavy at Croydon’s Scream Lounge – The Boston Brew tear through The Sonics’ classic Cinderella (Video courtesy of Nick Wilkinson)

From the same show, The Boston Brew give the Yardbirds’ For Your Love a rousing rendition (Video courtesy of Nick Wilkinson)

OK, Brew buddies – here’s a real treat and a half… Almost a half-hour in fact, of The Boston Brew blowing the bloody doors off the William IV, Elmers End, Beckenham on 22/08/2014 in front of a rapturous assemblage of Brew Krew, Stinkers and SoNo Scenesters. (Video courtesy of, and with much thanks to, Steven Coppard).

The Boston Brew – Live at the William IV