Gonna Be Anything But A Kool Yule!

Come get messy under the mistletoe as THE BOSTON BREW and RED LETTERS hit the OVAL TAVERN, CROYDON on SATURDAY 29 DECEMBER to present a seasonal smorgasbord of raunch ‘n’ roll to satiate even the most turkey-stuffed toe-tapper!

That’s right, people. We got a gig for you crazy cats this Crimbo… That’s right, just when you thought you’d had your fill of those rumbustious retro-rockers for 2018, up they jump right in the perineum between Xmas and New Year, and just as sweaty. So, come Saturday 29 December, get your mince pie ‘n’ turkey-stuffed carcass down to THE OVAL TAVERN, 131 OVAL RD, CROYDON CR0 6BR where THE BOSTON BREW will be setting the stage ablaze with an incendiary array of raucous rockin’ that’ll be the real gift in your Christmas cracker.

And they won’t come alone. Warming up the room ahead of your heroes we have the legendary wandering combo RED LETTERS styling a soulful mix of mellow and mental rocking vibes. And all for bugger all, too. So if you want an excuse to flee the hearth and home and let yourself loose for the night then there’s no better place to be to get your New Year’s shenanigans started in style!

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