Orpington Abuzz with pre-Brew Anticipation…

About exactly a week from the time Denzil sits here, busily multi-tasking (i.e. typing with one hand; scratching arse with the other), The Boston Brew Organisation, well-oiled machine that it is, will doubtlessly be lugging PA, assorted amps and other gear into The Maxwell in Orpington. (And does anyone have access to a van for the night? Please?).

Of course, there’s a reason for all the heavy lifting, vile swearing and intoning “one-two” endlessly down a mic, which is that Saturday 25 October is marked down as a night of rowdy revelry in celebration of that most delicate of little flowers that we know as Sog (tho’ family, friends and law enforcement know her differently), legendary Stinker, Brew Krew stalwart, Bonce-Licker and all-round micro-sized terrorizer of countless South London watering holes and music venues.

Contrary to some rumours, this show is open to all, so any Brewsters out Orpington way keen to cram their craw with the tastiest feast of fast ‘n’ furious garage-soaked rocknroll frenzy you ever sampled, are well advised to haul ass down to Station Road next weekend.

And don’t dawdle, as The Brew aren’t the only house special on this manic musical menu. Also appearing are those original South-East Suburban Stinkers and notorious enemies of ability, Anabollic Steroids appearing live and loud in the heart of their ‘hood. There’ll also be the slightly less deranged stylings of Mike Squire opening the evening.

And here’s a little teaser for you… Next Saturday you’ll see The Boston Brew as You’ve Never Seen Them Before! (and that’s not naked. ladies). And it might even be the only chance you ever get to witness this version of your fave bangin’ fixers… Intrigued? You should be! We shall see you there…

QUICK REMINDER: Don’t even dare to forget that Halloween sees the wildest night of the year as we invite you all to The Boston Brew’s Circus of Depravity at The Cherry Tree in South Norwood. Tell your friends. Bring your friends. Do hideously unimaginable things to yoir friends. We plan on doing that.

Doubtless you have Friday 31 October already in your diary. And you’ll have your most outrageous and outlandish outfit picked out already… And if you haven’t, don’t be surprised if our frankly frightening ‘associate’ Kirby decides to pay you a visit… And you wouldn’t want that, oh no no no...



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