Orpington Anticipates Brew Brouhaha!


Gird your loins, Seekers after Sonic Salvation! And be sure to use only top-quality hi-tensile steel girders, too, as musical meltdown grows ever-imminent in Orpington, as renowned roisterers The Boston Brew ready themselves for a return to that burgh’s hottest hostelry, The Maxwell, on Saturday 21 February, all part of a night they’re calling 40 Years To Brew, organised in celebration of urbane man-about-town, bon viveur and erstwhile hooligan Stefano di Coppiano’s 14,600-ish days of existence*.

Expect a hot, sweaty, rowdy affair – not least due to the inclusion of local punk leg-ends the Anabollic Steroids on the bill, purveying their singular brand of shouty sweary shambolism for an always-appreciative audience. That ought to ramp up the heat for The Brew to let unleash their armoury of garage-stomp raunch-a-billy and set the chandeliers a-shaking late into the night. Talking of heat, here’s hoping The Maxwell has installed some air conditioning since the Brew’s last sojourn, when the heat almost caused the mic stands to melt.

We shall, as we never tire of saying, see you down the front!

* That’s only a rough assessment, Steve – we didn’t factor in Leap Years or anything…

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