We said…Scream if you want ‘em louder!

SATURDAY 29 JULY is almost upon us, and it’s time to unleash the new-look Brew on the unsuspecting citizens of Croydon. After a suitably raucous return in Orpington a few weeks back, the fearsome foursome is set to unleash their bravura brand of Sixties garage stomp on the denizens of legendary South London sweatbox THE SCREAM LOUNGE.

Doors are 7PM, ADMISSION £5. Stage times (and you need to read this bit carefully) are THE BOSTON BREW 8pm DOGTOWN DOJO 9pm THE WEIRD THINGS 10pm. So all ye Brew Krew be sure to get there early and crowd down the front for some real rowdy bop.

No word yet on whether The Brew’s nefarious ‘manager’ Denzil del Rio will be in attendance, but the rumours (not to mention the tell-tale odour) are swirling around South Norwood and causing cats to behave oddly around dark alleys. We can say for sure that he’s now calling himself ‘Doctor’, though what that means we shudder to think.

In the meantime, maybe now would be a good time to make yourself acquainted with the The Boston Brew. The bio page has now been updated, so go meet the chaps. They’re all nice fellows and some of them are actually housetrained.

Having been somewhat less than active for some while (apparently, the manager was using the domain name as cover for ‘activities’ on the Dark Web), The Boston Brew Organization has now regained control. So look out for further updates on your fave freakoid combo as and when they appear.

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