Strut Your Stuff in Streatham this Saturday!

Alright, you hedonistic hepcats: the time is nearly upon us. Next Saturday 30 March we won’t have left Europe, but you can leave your senses with a devastating double bill of rawk ‘n’ raunch at the Rebel Inn, Streatham featuring those notorious noiseniks, THE BOSTON BREW with twang-tastic support from sizzling surf swingers GENE POOL & THE SHALLOWS.

We can’t promise you dry ice and dazzling laser light shows, but we can guarantee an evening of orgiastic 60s-styled aural excess that’ll leave you sweaty and smiling and footsore from a night of frenzied frugging. Real nice venue, too. If you’re making your way down/up, the Rebel Inn is at 78A Streatham High Rd, London SW16 1BS and on a heap of bus routes, or just down the hill from Streatham Hill station. So end the month on a high by blowing your mind with an excitement overload from two of the wildest acts on the South London circuit. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces and making new friends, too. Last show we played at the Rebel was a blast so here’s hoping for more of the same this time around. See you down the front!

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