The Rockin’ Machine Rolls On!

Having laid The Ship to waste with a wild bout of titanic toonage – so intense Howlin’ H’s head actually burst from the pounding power the combo generated – the mighty Boston Brew now sets its sights on theWhite Lion in Streatham for a hot steamy night of retro raunch ‘n’ roll at one of South London’s premiere performance pads.

Saturday 9 March is the date, with the Brew headlining a top-notch triple-header featuring the scintillating 60s stylings of The DB5s and the punchy power-punkarama of The Slurps. And if those two lineups don’t leave you loose and lascivious, then taking the stage late to let loose will be the arch-exponents of awesome aural overload, The Boston Brew, doing their thang in their already-notorious style.

This show’s yet another can’t-miss event. But don’t fret if you don’t make it, as The Brew will be appearing at many a venue over the upcoming months. Stay tuned to to stay abreast of all the latest news and dates as the eight-legged bopping machine rocks on, crushing all in its path in a wave of unparalleled boogie! Yeah!