Uh-Oh! Them Rowdy Buggers Are Back!

Have you missed us? (Don’t answer that). It’s been a lengthy lay-off for SE25’s foremost gurus of groove. Plenty has happened – The Mainman Jan undertook a solo US tour, wowing San Francisco with his avant garde mandolin and Yorkshire throat-singing stylings; B-Side Barney Stone spent a few weeks bringing peace to several of the world’s most troubled conflict zones; Lord Ashman of Wade made great strides in shoring up the dynastic succession of his noble and ancient lineage, while Howlin’ H took to loitering at bus stops and startling unwary public transport users by throwing some impromptu onstage “shapes”. 

Meanwhile, back at the nerve centre of the Boston Brew Organisation, Denzil returned from his annual fortnightly summer break performing his seasonable “charitable works” amid the fallen young ladies of the Dominican Republic to find that, in his absence, the entire marketing team had buggered off, having found spiritual salvation in the shape of a shady character who dubbed himself Vic the Venerable and Englightened.

Apparently, this fellow showed up at BB HQ in late July, claiming to be a booker for a chain of funk ‘n’ frites venues in Belgium. Next thing we know, the entire staff have decamped en masse to an “ashram” in Orpington – which looks suspiciously like a council semi to us -where they now claim have found inner peace following Vic’s teachings, having renounced all worldly possessions (which wasn’t hard, seeing we never paid them). Anyway, the upshot is this site hasn’t been updated in yonks and there’s a strange lingering smell in Chateau Brew, somewhere between incense and Pot Noodle.

Anyway, The Boston Brew isn’t the kind of venture to be derailed by a few wackos in Jesus Creepers, so Denzil is back at the reins, loins fully girded and lightly-oiled and setting his sights on a major push on all things Brew-based between now and Christmas.

First up we have a major event taking place next Saturday (21 September) at South Norwood’s Polska Wspólnota Centrum. Unfortunately, this show is invite-only as it’s part of the national festivities to celebrate The Mainman Jan’s 50 years since arriving on Earth. If you’re already a member of the Brew Krew Hardcore then doubtless you’ve already received your invitation and chosen whether to have mushy peas or curry sauce with your fish supper. Multitudes are expected to converge upon the venue from far and wide for the event and we’re delighted to announce that, not only are The Boston Brew scheduled to make a return to full-on rockin’ action, but there’ll also be numerous special guests, especially the somewhat sensational sounds of the Sonic Jewels. Full details can be found at the Facebook event page here. Oh, and by the way, wait till you see the band’s rather spiffy new stage attire!

Afterwards, the real work will get underway. Expect to see outbreaks of outrageous 60s-based garage-rock erupting just about everywhere, if we’ve got anything to do with it. Any venues looking to schedule a wild night of musical mayhem are recommended to get in touch via our many communication channels and we’ll see about bring the Big Sound right to your door. Don’t delay – make that call today!