That Unstoppable Brew Train Rumbles On!


Nights like last Friday are the reason Denzil devotes so much time to the cause that is The Boston Brew. When you find shamelessly exploiting the unpaid interns here at Brew HQ a chore, or fielding calls from ‘promoters’ asking whether the band would be interested in playing a muddy field near Devizes unpaid to “save the aardvarks”, you just think back to the wild bacchanalia that swept through the William IV in the hitherto sleepy suburb of Elmers End last Friday and it all feels worthwhile…

What can we say? ‘Twas a good ‘un and no mistake. Despite the last minute scheduling, the throng that descended on the venue was remarkable both in size and sheer rowdiness. So gratitude unbounded to all who made their presence felt, from the Brew Krew hardcore to the Stinkers to the ace faces on the SoNo scene to the group of Castleford fans down for next day’s Challenge Cup Final.

All of them made it a special night and inspired one of the most powerhouse performances yet seen from our suave-suited quartet, knocking them bandy with a set that left jaws on the floors and sent a sweaty but satiated batch of bystanders out into the Beckenham night comprehensively converted to the glories of 60s garage-punk blasted out with blistering intensity.

And the real cool thing is… This coming Saturday 30 August, The Boston Brew Organization gets to do it all again as the irrepressible all-action assault descends upon familiar territory of Streatham’s White Lion for a dynamic double-header with equally-rowdy practitioners of mayhem The Slurps, who’ll be wowing your wotsits with their inimitable brand of punkoid perfection.

And if The Slurps haven’t rendered you righteously rocked, you can bet your sweet damn bippy The Boston Brew plan to finish the job, and leave the audience a delirious collective blob of euphoric ectoplasmic ooze all over the floor of that most esteemed of venues. That’s the mission statement and they’ll have no qualms about using all the rockin’ weapons at their disposal to achieve their aims. Our advice: get down the front and surrender to the fury and frenzy from the get-go, ’cause it’s only going to get more intense the longer you resist!

Set fun phasers to stun! And see you there!

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